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Why Do I Need Wedding Cancellation Insurance?


All My Plans are Arranged and Confirmed -  So Why do I Need Wedding Cancellation Insurance?

As with most things in life, even the most meticulous wedding plans are subject to the unexpected.  Following are a couple of examples of the most common reasons why you might be glad you bothered to take out insurance:


An unexpected problem with the Church or Wedding Venue

A traditional church wedding is probably the safest option but events such as freak weather, floods or fire are always a possibility.  With the strange weather we have experienced in recent times, whether due to global warming or climate change, it's best to be prepared.  You'll be too excited and busy to spend time biting your nails and worrying about the latest news and weather forecasts!

Your wedding venue may be booked and confirmed but, yet again, unforeseen and unexpected events can and do occur, such as bankruptcy of the business or a weather event, fire or natural catastrophe.  The problem may be severe enough that you need to postpone and reschedule. With so much time and thought going into you wedding plans why leave anything to luck. 


A major participant in your wedding has an accident or falls ill?

It doesn't bear thinking about, but what if the bride, groom or significant person at your wedding  is struck down with an illness, or has an accident.

We don't claim to be able to wave a magic wand and make everything all right again, but having Wedding Insurance to help pay covered expenses would certainly reduce the stress and pressure so that you can plan a strategy with a clear head.

Fingers and toes crossed... We certainly hope that you do not need to use your Wedding Cancellation cover! 

Please read the policy Terms and Conditions of your chosen policy for full details.




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